Tech Tip: Combine Rasp Bar Maintenance

Chris Rewerts, Master Tech at Birkey’s Farm Store in Henry, offers some basics on rasp bar maintenance. He outlines proper rasp bar configuration for your rotor type and explains when to replace your rasp bars. Read the tips, or watch the video below.

Proper Rasp Bar Configuration for Your Rotor Type

When determining what rotor configuration you need, keep in mind that vein position is extremely important.

On a small tube rotor:

  • Chris recommends 8 straight bars over the grate area for threshing. This avoids rotor loss issues.
  • Slow all the veins down. (more…)
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Precision Farming Solutions for Downed Corn

Wind-damaged corn

Two Precision Farming products can help minimize the stress of operating a combine in downed corn.

Lance Nelson, Precision Farming Specialist in Annawan, explains the challenge,

Out in the field this year, we’ve seen wind-damaged corn that’s a tangled mess. Some tassels seem like they are in one row, but they are actually one or two rows over because the corn is so goosenecked. Row one might be blown over to row three.

Case IH Row Guide and Truesight True Row Guidance each solve this problem. (more…)

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Downed Corn? Prepare Your Corn Head for Maximum Yields

4 Tips for Harvesting Wind-Damaged Corn

Strong storms have rolled through Illinois and Indiana this summer, leaving some fields a tangled mess.

Chris Rewerts, Master Tech at Birkey’s Farm Store in Henry, gives four quick equipment adjustments that will increase yields from wind-damaged fields.


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If You Were a Potato Farmer…


Company: Hoekstra Potato Farms
Owners: Tom, Steve and Bob Hoekstra
Local Birkey’s store: Hoopeston

Tear open a bright, foil bag filled with Lay’s potato chips in the next few months, and chances are you’ll be eating Tom Hoekstra’s potatoes—grown on a farm in St. Anne, Kankakee County, Illinois, and fried at a factory just down the road.

While the end result is unique, the day-to-day tasks of potato farming might not be that different from your own farm operation. (more…)

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Free Case IH Combine Clinics


Get Your Equipment Ready for Harvest

Attend a Combine Clinic at Birkey’s

Birkey's service manager, Brian Wright, speaks to a crowd at last year's Bloomington clinic

Birkey’s service manager in Bloomington, Brian Wright, speaks to a crowd at a 2013 Combine Clinic.

A crucial part of a successful harvest is equipment that is up to the task. Our free Case IH Clinics are designed to help you achieve that success.

Join us for useful information and the chance to talk one-on-one with our combine technicians about your equipment.

What you’ll learn:

  • Get tips on inspections
  • Make sure you’re doing proper routine maintenance
  • Review operational adjustments and productivity tips
  • Learn about our product update and support kits
  • Find out about new harvesting support products
  • Review off-season storage tips (more…)
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A Natural Extension of Services: Birkey’s and Case Construction

With its strong relationship with Case IH and its reputation as a dealership that takes care of customers, it’s no surprise that Case Construction would select Birkey’s to handle its construction equipment line. That happened in 1988, when the manufacturer needed a dealership in the Urbana area.

Product Support Representative, Curt Arseneau

Product Support Representative, Curt Arseneau

Since then, Birkey’s has added Case Construction Equipment to its lineup in Mattoon, Bloomington and Galesburg.

Industry Leadership:

Case Construction Products and Support

Birkey’s is a full-line dealer for Case Construction, handling everything from compact items up to the highest-horsepower equipment.

“Case’s loader backhoe has been an industry leader for a long time, and it really holds its resale value,” said Jeff Hedge, a Birkey’s owner and regional manager for both agricultural and construction equipment. However, for many customers, the product support and reliability offered by Birkey’s is the key deciding factor for construction equipment.

We let them know that if they buy it from us … we will be there to support it. (more…)

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Why We Choose Case IH

For most people, Birkey’s is closely associated with one manufacturer—Case IH. Birkey’s has carried the brand since it was introduced back in the 1980s and was a strong International Harvester dealer before Case and IH joined forces. So, for all intents and purposes, the dealership has carried the same brand since its founding 60 years ago.

But two questions are worth asking:

Why did we choose Case IH? And why should our customers choose us to be their Case IH dealer?

A Case IH rep talks with Birkey's customers during Field Days in 2012

A Case IH rep talks with Birkey’s customers

1. Long Relationships Develop Rapport

Birkey’s long history has led to an excellent relationship with Case IH. Mike Carley, a Birkey’s owner and regional manager for agricultural products, explains:

We are one of their largest dealerships, and they take us very seriously. We have great respect for each other.

This means customers of Birkey’s are on the front end of Case IH innovations and promotions. If it’s new at Case IH, you’ll find it here first. (more…)

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