Tech Tip: 4 Mower Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Mower problems?

Birkey’s does a lot of repair work on mowers during the summer, and we wanted to share our knowledge to help you fix common mower problems yourself. Every mower is different, so be sure to have your owner’s manual handy when you’re troubleshooting.

Here are tips for fixing 4 common mower problems yourself:


Mower engine won’t start

  1. Throttle or choke not in starting position: Different riding mowers have different arrangements, so it’s best to check your operator’s manual for correct position for throttle control and choke for starting.
  2. No fuel: While it may seem obvious, it’s an easy thing to overlook. Check to make sure you’ve got a full tank of gasoline. If not, fill it up and count it as one of the easiest problems you’ll solve all season.
  3. Dirty air filter: Clean or replace air filter if necessary. Click here if you need a quick tutorial.

Mower is performing poorly

  1. Grass is wet or very tall: It’s best to cut grass when it’s dry, to avoid build up under the deck. If the grass is tall, cut it at a high setting first, then cut it again at your desired height.
  2. Build up of clippings & debris: Clean the underside of your lawn mower.

Mower is vibrating and cutting unevenly

  1. Bad blades: Depending on the severity, stop by Birkey’s to have your blades sharpened or pick up a new pair. If you don’t have the time, just bring them into the shop and we’ll make the necessary adjustments.
  2. Cutting deck is not adjusted: Adjust the deck.
  3. Try some of the previous “quick fixes”: Clean your mower and make sure the engine is at full throttle.
  4. Still not fixed? Blades or belt might be damaged: Bring your mower in for repair work. Click here to find a location near you.

Mower is smoking

  1. Engine oil is overfilled: Check oil level and make adjustments if necessary.
  2. Engine loses crankcase vacuum: Dipstick not seated properly or is broken. Make sure your dipstick is secured and purchase a new one if it is broken.
  3. Not fixed yet? Bring it in to one of our Birkey’s shops. Click here to find a location near you.

Birkey’s recommends that you do regular lawn mower maintenance at the beginning or end of the summer to prevent problems each year. We’ll transport your mower to our shop. Click here to find a location near you.


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Free Case IH Combine Clinics


Get Your Equipment Ready for Harvest

Attend a Combine Clinic at Birkey’s

Birkey's service manager, Brian Wright, speaks to a crowd at last year's Bloomington clinic

Birkey’s service manager in Bloomington, Brian Wright, speaks to a crowd at a 2013 Combine Clinic.

A crucial part of a successful harvest is equipment that is up to the task. Our free Case IH Clinics are designed to help you achieve that success.

Join us for useful information and the chance to talk one-on-one with our combine technicians about your equipment.

What you’ll learn:

  • Get tips on inspections
  • Make sure you’re doing proper routine maintenance
  • Review operational adjustments and productivity tips
  • Learn about our product update and support kits
  • Find out about new harvesting support products
  • Review off-season storage tips

Combine Clinic Farm Equipment

Add a 2014 Birkey’s Combine Clinic mug to your collection!

Perks of attendance:

We are excited to share our combine product expertise, and we hope that you’ll be able to make upgrades to your equipment that will increase your productivity this fall. To get you started, you’ll receive 10% off one over-the-counter combine parts purchase (good for 2 weeks) just by attending one of our clinics.

Times and dates:

Annawan Thursday, July 17 10:00 AM
Oakland Monday, July 21 8:00 AM
Bloomington Tuesday, July 22 10:00 AM
Prophetstown Wednesday, July 23 10:00 AM
Galesburg Wednesday, July 23 10:00 AM
Polo Wednesday, July 23 5:30 PM
Henry Thursday, July 24 9:00 AM
Macomb Wednesday, July 30 10:00 AM
Hoopeston Tuesday, August 5 10:00 AM
Williamsport Tuesday, August 5 4:00 PM
Gibson City Wednesday, August 6 9:00 AM
Urbana Thursday, August 21 4:00 PM

It’s all about productivity, and we’re here to help!

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A Natural Extension of Services: Birkey’s and Case Construction

With its strong relationship with Case IH and its reputation as a dealership that takes care of customers, it’s no surprise that Case Construction would select Birkey’s to handle its construction equipment line. That happened in 1988, when the manufacturer needed a dealership in the Urbana area.

Product Support Representative, Curt Arseneau

Product Support Representative, Curt Arseneau

Since then, Birkey’s has added Case Construction Equipment to its lineup in Mattoon, Bloomington and Galesburg.

Industry Leadership:

Case Construction Products and Support

Birkey’s is a full-line dealer for Case Construction, handling everything from compact items up to the highest-horsepower equipment.

“Case’s loader backhoe has been an industry leader for a long time, and it really holds its resale value,” said Jeff Hedge, a Birkey’s owner and regional manager for both agricultural and construction equipment. However, for many customers, the product support and reliability offered by Birkey’s is the key deciding factor for construction equipment.

We let them know that if they buy it from us … we will be there to support it. (more…)

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Why We Choose Case IH

For most people, Birkey’s is closely associated with one manufacturer—Case IH. Birkey’s has carried the brand since it was introduced back in the 1980s and was a strong International Harvester dealer before Case and IH joined forces. So, for all intents and purposes, the dealership has carried the same brand since its founding 60 years ago.

But two questions are worth asking:

Why did we choose Case IH? And why should our customers choose us to be their Case IH dealer?

A Case IH rep talks with Birkey's customers during Field Days in 2012

A Case IH rep talks with Birkey’s customers

1. Long Relationships Develop Rapport

Birkey’s long history has led to an excellent relationship with Case IH. Mike Carley, a Birkey’s owner and regional manager for agricultural products, explains:

We are one of their largest dealerships, and they take us very seriously. We have great respect for each other.

This means customers of Birkey’s are on the front end of Case IH innovations and promotions. If it’s new at Case IH, you’ll find it here first. (more…)

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AFS Tech Tip: Downloading Planting Data from a Pro 700


Precision Farming Basics: Downloading Planting Data

This week in our continuing series on Precision Farming Basics, Darin Kennelly will show you how to download data from a Pro 700 display monitor and save these planting records on your computer.

Downloading data from your monitor is important. You’ve taken time and spent money to collect this data. Now take the next step to save it. While this information is useful for many reasons, it is particularly necessary if you choose to do variety tracking during harvest.

This video demonstrates how to download data using AgLeader SMS software. Farm Works, SST, and MapShots are other software programs that can be used. (more…)

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AFS Tech Tip: Transferring Variety Tracking Data to a Combine


Precision Farming Basics: Transferring Variety Tracking Data to a Combine

This is our second video in a series on Variety Tracking. Variety tracking allows producers to take information about the varieties they planted and move that data to their combine for harvest. If you haven’t already, watch our Downloading Planting Data video to get caught up to speed. 

In this video, Birkey’s Precision Farming Specialist, Darin Kennelly, demonstrates how to prepare planting data from a Pro 700 display monitor and upload it to a combine monitor. Darin uses AgLeader SMS software to convert his data and download it to the monitor’s USB drive.  (more…)

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