Let’s Create a Harvest Snapshot


Photograph Your Display Monitor—Be Entered to Win $50!

Harvest 2014 has been in the headlines all year. Now details are finally coming in: “Test weight is a surprise” … “Beans are huge!” … “Yields are great in most areas but I lost a lot of nitrogen in the wet spots.”

In years past, it would be hard to get a sense for the big picture during the season. But with technology, we can take a snapshot of what’s out there—literally. (more…)

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Customer Feature: MBI Construction

MBI Construction

Delivering on Schedule…All Day, All Season

Gary Bartels, owner of Effingham-based MBI Construction, stays ahead of the competition by offering customers something many other site-prep contractors can’t provide—the ability to do large, time-sensitive projects quickly and efficiently. “We have the people and the equipment to get a project done fast,” Bartels noted.

The company specializes in “green field” projects, where it goes into an empty field and “by the time we leave there’s a new grain elevator, grain bins, or a 100-car train loop and dump pits.” (more…)

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CE Tech Tip: Hydraulic Systems


Prevention Beats Cure…Every Time

Inadequate maintenance and operations practices cause 90 percent of hydraulic breakdowns, costing equipment owners millions of dollars in replacement parts and service work annually. With proper care, you can extend the life of the hydraulic system and save money, said Dennis Budde, service tech at Birkey’s Urbana location. Budde offers these tips: (more…)

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6 Birkey’s Service Techs Share Farm Safety Tips

Farm safety is a critical topic.


It’s an unfortunate truth: if you’re reading this, chances are you know a family that has been affected by a farm-related accident. The good news is, many steps have been taken to make the industry safer, including the creation of National Farm Safety Week. This year, the week of September 21-27 gives the ag community the chance to focus on safety.

Safety is high priority at Birkey’s–it has to be. The majority of farm accidents involve the use of machinery, and 90% of our employees work on or around machinery every day.

When asked about farm safety, many Birkey’s employees had stories to tell or reminders to offer to customers and friends. Here are tips from six service techs: (more…)

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Get the Right Part, the First Time

Corey Volker helps a customer at the parts counter

“I need that small sprocket for the big chain on the feeder house of my combine.”

This actual description from a customer didn’t keep Corey Volker, Birkey’s parts manager in Gibson City, from finding the correct part. Do you know what it was? (Answer is below)

His success is no surprise. The men and women in Birkey’s parts department see it as their personal mission to solve problems for customers—to find the right part, the first time. (more…)

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Photo Contest Gallery

Photos will be judged this coming week!

We’ll award 1 grand prize winner, and 4 honorable mentions.

The contest officially ends on Wednesday, September 10 at 11:59 p.m. After this date, photos will be judged by ­a third-party professional photographer. The winner will be notified in the September 16 email newsletter, and in a Facebook post on Wednesday, September 17.

Below you’ll find all the entries to our contest over the past few weeks. For more information about the contest, visit this page. (more…)

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Toy Tractor “Models Matter”

Toy Tractor Photo Contest Challenge 3: Models Matter

August 27 – September 2

Models matter. For many farmers, the tractors owned as a child or young adult are special. Post a picture of yourself with a toy tractor that’s the same model as one that you once owned or operated.

Read a feature story about one photo entry, and see the gallery of entries below. (more…)

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