Riding Mower Maintenance: Advanced

It’s almost lawn mowing season.

Is your mower ready?

This is Part 2 in our series on preparing your mower for spring. We recognize that many of our customers have the tools and knowledge to do basic maintenance themselves. This video will show more advanced tips for spring riding mower maintenance. Watch the video below or scroll down to read a list of tips. (more…)

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Set Remote Valves & Timers for Planting

Tech Tip: Optimizing Remotes and Timers

Setting Remote Valves and Timers for Planting

Setting Remote Valves and Timers for Planting

Optimizing flow to your remote valves is an important pre-season task. If hydraulic flow is set too high, operators risk robbing flow from other components of the planter, such as fans, vacuums, or bulk fill speed. Higher flow rates also put more pressure on the system and can increase wear and tear.

Different planters require different setups. In the videos below, Case IH Product Specialist Nathan Wilhelm demonstrates how to program your tractor’s timers and remotes to help optimize the performance of the hydraulics when running a planter. (more…)

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Tech Tip: Graphite and Talc


Graphite and Talc are often considered to be interchangeable, but they have very different purposes.

Graphite acts as a lubricant for finger style or vacuum meters. As a lubricant, it will reduce wear on meter components and also will allow the meter to turn smoothly. This results in a more uniform seed drop. Graphite will also help with seed flow in bulk fill applications. (more…)

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How the Case IH Early Riser Is Unique

Case IH Early Riser Planter Demonstration

Watch a short overview of the features of the Case IH Early Riser planter (and see how it lives up to its name) from Josh Oaks, Birkey’s sales rep in Galesburg.

In this 2-minute video, learn how pulling a wheel barrel can illustrate one of the planter’s advantages. Josh also highlights the differences in the row unit, especially the leading disc edge and trailing gauge wheel. (more…)

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Tech Tips: Pre-Season Planter Prep


Planter Prep Tips from Service Manager Craig Greenwood

1. Prepare the meters

If your unit has finger pick-up meters, do a visual inspection or bring them in to Birkey’s to run on our test stand. As expensive as seed is, it makes sense to use this service. Running a 16-row planter through the test stand costs about as much as one bag of seed. Vacuum meters require visual inspection as well—especially the brushes. Make sure they turn free. (more…)

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AFS Tech Tip: Creating a Product Type

Precision Farming Basics:

Creating a Product Type on a Pro 700

In this video, Jeff Stiers, one of Birkey’s Precision Farming specialists, demonstrates how to create a product in a Pro 600 or 700 display monitor.

If you are preparing to plant, watch this video on Uploading Prescriptions.

For more information, contact the Precision Farming Specialist at any of Birkey’s 12 locations.


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AFS Tech Tip: Uploading Prescriptions

Planting with Precision Farming:

Uploading Prescriptions on a Pro 700

In this video, Jeff Stiers, one of Birkey’s Precision Farming specialists, demonstrates how to upload a prescription to a Pro 600 or 700 display monitor.

Be sure to watch our Precision Farming Basics video on Creating a Product if you don’t have products created in your display.


For more information, contact the Precision Farming Specialist at any of Birkey’s 12 locations.

Watch for more videos on planting with Precision Farming soon.


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Master Your Case IH Tractor: End-of-Row Sequences

Do you use all the features in your Case IH cab?

Learn more about recording and playing back your Magnum or Steiger tractor’s end-of-row sequences from Case IH Cash Crop Specialist Nathan Wilhelm. This video will show operators how to program the button on a multi-function handle to do a sequence of actions.

Specifically, you’ll learn about:

  1. Creating an end-of-row sequence recording
  2. Including steps like moving remote values, changing engine RPMs, shifting gears, and engaging auto-guidance
  3. Including a pause in your recording
  4. Playing back your end-of-row sequence
  5. Common on-farm uses (more…)
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