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Q&A: Would a Thunder Creek trailer fit your operation?


Would a Thunder Creek trailer fit your operation?

Ed and Peggy Yotter of Wapello, Iowa, agreed to share about their experience with a Thunder Creek trailer. We’ve printed their interview below.

Birkey’s: Tell us about your farm.

Together with our daughter, Jasey, and nephew, Drew, we own and operate Yotter Family Farms outside Wapello, Iowa. We work about 4,000 acres of corn and beans.

How did you transfer fuel and DEF in the past?

We had a thousand-gallon fuel trailer that we constructed ourselves, but we didn’t have any way to haul DEF.

And you bought a Thunder Creek trailer in…

2012. Our salesman at Birkey’s in Galesburg told us about it. Our model holds 100 gallons of DEF and 990 gallons of fuel, and has two oil barrels on top, one we use for hydraulic and the other for engine oil.

 What was your first impression?

It’s a really nice trailer—especially the way it keeps everything clean. It definitely saves us a lot of time.

You said the trailer keeps things clean. Tell us more about that.

We’re able to roll up our hoses in a compartment in the front. That keeps them from getting torn up—if they come loose on a regular trailer they can drag on the road. Also, the oil tanks on it aren’t open at all, and we can pump oil out of them into a clean container.

What other features are useful?

Our trailer also has a storage area in the back. We’re able to carry our window cleaning supplies, oil cans, parts, grease guns, and chain oil. It keeps them out of the dust. It also has its own 110 volt heater in the DEF tank. That’s nice.

There are 12 months in a year. When does the trailer get used?

It’s always on the road during the growing season. During the winter, we park it inside our shop. That way, if we need a little diesel, we have it. And if we need to put DEF in something, it’s in there where it’s warm and we can pump it. A lot of times, oil-wise, we just work directly from the trailer in the shop.

How is it “on the road?”

You could go at 70 miles an hour if the speed limit allows! It can be towed at the posted highway speeds, and it pulls really well.

Other farmers might be considering a Thunder Creek. What advice would you give them?

Know how much fuel you need every day. We’re filling up two combines and two grain-cart tractors, and it takes quite a bit of fuel. You want to make sure that every two days you don’t need to run after fuel.

Any last words?

We’d recommend a Thunder Creek. We’ve gotten along very well with it.

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Kids Explain What Dad Does at Work


We asked a few kids to share what their dad does at work and at home. Here’s what they said:

Neal Nelson

Neal Nelson and Asher Annawan Customers

Neal Nelson and Asher
Annawan Customers

Orion/Lynn Center, IL

Asher, age 4

At Work: “My dad drives the sprayer and the semi and makes corn. Oh, and he drives the lawnmower.”

At Home: “My dad is the best because he talks to me and lets me drive the combine. And he talks to the tractors!” (Asher said this with a big grin)

Neal is also dad to Khloe, age 6, and Kalli, age 2 (more…)

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National Strip-Tillage Conference: August 5-6

Building on the success of the inaugural event in 2014, the 2nd annual National Strip-Tillage Conference will feature more than 20 presentations during the course of two education-packed days from Aug. 5-6 at the Coralville Marriott Hotel in Iowa City, Iowa.


The unique event brings together a diverse group of top strip-tillers, consultants and researchers who share experience-based tips and techniques that both veteran and recent adopters of strip-till can put to work immediately in their operations. The conference will also get equipment dealers quickly up to date on the newest strip-till techniques and trends. (more…)

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Birkey’s BBQ Tips from Grilling Expert, Phil Hennenfent

There’s only one reason Galesburg customers buy parts in the store and BBQ sauce in the parking lot.

It’s Phil Hennenfent: master griller and Parts Representative at Birkey’s. His line of homemade BBQ sauces are available in grocery stores across western Illinois. Phil’s specialties are pork spare ribs and beef brisket.

Pork Spare Ribs



Phil recommends using the “3.2.1 method” for preparing pork spare ribs.

  • Remove membrane off the back of the ribs and trim off any excess fat.
  • If smoking, set your temperature to around 200 degrees using cherry- or applewood for flavor.
  • If you are using a grill, offset heat is best. To create offset heat, light your burners on low on one side and place your ribs on the other.
  • Season your ribs to taste and place on grill or smoker.
  • Spray ribs every 45 minutes with apple juice, or a juice or cola of your choice, for first 3 hours. (more…)
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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Engine & Transmission Oils

Farmers and construction business owners have many options available to them.

1. Is every task covered?

Did you know high-quality lubricating oils have many functions? Oil:

A. Lubricates.

Lubrication is the first and foremost task. To do this, oils form a thin fluid film on moving parts, preventing the metal to metal contact which would cause excessive wear or failure of an engine.

B. Cools.

Cooling is provided by the circulating oil which carries heat away from moving parts to minimize oxidation and deposit formation.

C. Disperses Contaminants.

Dispersion of Contaminants is achieved by special additives that surround some contaminants, keeping them in solution within the oil. The additive package in CNH Viscosity oil is designed specifically for your equipment, to insure that particles are transported to the filter where they can be removed from the oil. Particle disbursement prevents the formation of deposits on metal surfaces in the engine and also prevents corresponding engine wear.

D. Prevents Oxidation.

Oxidation Resistance is important in extending the service life of an oil. Oil reacts with oxygen at high temperatures in engines to form gums and varnish which cause deposits and thickening of the oil. As part of the CNH Viscosity Oil additive package, oxidation inhibitors reduce sludge formation and significantly increase the oil’s useful life.

E. Protects Against Corrosion.

Corrosion Protection is necessary to combat chemical attack on engines. CNH Viscosity Oils are designed to meet the needs of today’s high horsepower agricultural equipment, with the right detergents and acid neutralizers to counteract the strong acids which are a byproduct of combustion.

If your oil doesn’t perform these tasks, nothing else will. Aftermarket lubricants do not have the same combination of base stocks and additives that perform these functions. Protect your equipment with CNH Viscosity OEM oil.


2. Are you using the right lubrication for your machine?

Aftermarket lubricants may work well with some machines, but not others. CNH Viscosity oil is engineered to work with the newest Tier 4 machines, but also with your Legacy machines.

Many aftermarket oils being offered to you are not capable of meeting the load demand of high horsepower equipment. What does that mean?

  • The Available Horsepower Used in a car or pickup engine is around 30%.
  • An over-the-road truck averages 60%.
  • Farm tractors, combines, or construction equipment uses up to 90% of available horsepower. CNH Viscosity oils are engineered to meet or exceed the demands of all the equipment on your farm.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 2.38.06 PM


3. Are you voiding your warranty?

Lubricants—including engine oil, hydraulic and transmission oil, and coolant—are now tied to your equipment warranty. If a problem occurs and you apply for warranty, but you’ve used an insufficient aftermarket lubricant that does not meet the minimum requirements it may void your machine’s warranty.


4. Do you have the most cost-effective solution?

As you can see, there are costs involved with using non-OEM products. Using aftermarket lubricants can damage your machine. They can also decrease the oil change intervals. CNH Viscosity Oils are a value in what it provides in terms of preventative maintenance and service intervals.


5. Are you maintaining a high performance level?

As you can see, having the right product is important. Birkey’s Farm Store recommends using only the CNH Viscosity Oil products that your equipment was designed to use. With CNH OEM lubricants, you can trust that your equipment will run at peak performance all season long.


For all of your Case IH lubricant needs, call or visit your local Birkey’s today.


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How & Why Growers Aim for Precision

Written for Friends & Neighbors of Agriculture


Invested in Soil

Each spring, the rich, black soil of the Midwest presents a new opportunity. Kids scoop it into Styrofoam cups, plant seeds, and wait for magic to happen on sunny window ledges. Home gardeners till it into furrows and anticipate fresh herbs and vegetables. Landscapers use it to create artistic designs.

While everyone reaps the benefits of fertile soil, no one is more invested in its potential than the men and women who rely on it for their livelihood. Since the 1970s, farmers have more than doubled their feed crop yields. Improved planting equipment is one big reason for this change.  (more…)

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The Precision Planting Season: Planting

May 7, 2015


Follow our blog to watch our Precision Planting test plot grow. There’s nothing more important than the planting itself; watch it happen in this video.


For info about new, Precision Planting-equipped Early Riser planters, click here.

For info about updating current planters with Precision Planter products, click here.

Watch for more videos in this series.

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