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Birkey’s Celebrates 20 Years on the Web

Twenty years ago, Birkey’s launched the first iteration of As the brand and equipment have grown, so has Take a look at these screenshots through the years to see the transformation of our website.

Over time as the business has grown, the need for an online presence in the used equipment market has become very evident. Our team here at Birkey’s has always worked hard to stay one step ahead of the curve by keeping our eyes and ears open. We hear great feedback from our stores on features they’d like to see to help you know what they offer, but also from customers over the years.

Today, accounts for a significant percentage of our used equipment sales and we are constantly striving to make it your one-stop shop for browsing and viewing our vast inventory. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as our next rendition of the website will be launched soon.

Fun facts about our website:

  • Birkey’s had 8 locations when we launched the website.
  • 8 million individual page views since we started tracking in late 2009.
  • Our most popular single page:
  • Tuesday, September 9, 2014, is the single most visited day with almost 3,000 visits.
  • Birkey’s email newsletter accounts for 21% of all traffic on the website. Sign up today!
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Birkey’s Earns Pinnacle Excellence Status

Birkey's Pinnacle

Seven Dealerships Recognized Across North America; Six Were Birkey’s

Birkey’s Farm Store, Inc., has been recognized by Case IH for achieving Pinnacle excellence recognition in ALL areas of our business (Sales, Marketing, Operations, Parts, Service, AFS). Only seven dealerships out of 548 across North America completed the assessments and earned Pinnacle excellence status. Birkey’s accounted for six of the seven dealerships recognized by the Pinnacle Program for 2015. Birkey’s locations earning Pinnacle excellence status were Gibson City, Henry, Hoopeston, Oakland, Prophetstown, and Urbana, IL.


The Pinnacle Excellence Program is a company-wide program developed cooperatively by Case IH and the Case IH Dealer Advisory Board to help dealers deliver a best-in-class experience in today’s constantly changing agriculture landscape. Pinnacle recognizes dealerships for achievement in the key areas identified as important to success by both dealers and Case IH.

  • Identify best-in-class dealership business practices and benchmarks.
  • Measure dealerships’ ability to meet or exceed benchmarks.
  • Drive highly competitive, customer-centric, dealer-level improvements.


For example, to be recognized in the Operations component of Pinnacle, forward-looking dealers focus on leadership and team development, process improvement and optimum financial performance. A Pinnacle dealership demonstrates strong business planning and financial performance; a commitment to a well-organized work environment; a focus on professional development; a commitment to innovative technology; and an ability to offer rewarding customer experiences.


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Observation Systems Provide Confidence


Wes Veach can remember when the Case IH dealer in Oakland, Illinois, first put a Birkey’s sign out front in 1991. Since then, he’s watched the dealership—and the equipment—grow and change.

Two of the more obvious changes include the increased size of equipment and the enhanced role of technology.

Wes Veach at the Case IH tractor plant in Racine, WI

Wes Veach at the Case IH tractor plant in Racine, WI

Take grain carts, for example. To help him harvest the 2,000 acres of corn and soybeans he works, Wes bought the largest grain cart he’s ever owned—a 1200-bushel 1282 Brent—from Birkey’s last season. The farm already had a 1000-bushel Brent cart in their fleet. But the larger wagons brought new challenges. Wes explains, “The big wagons sit up so tall. You can see the side nearest you, but the other side is impossible to see. You’re just guessing…and spilling a lot of corn on the ground.”

That’s when technology came in. Wes adds, “With a camera, you can look at that far side. It helps out a lot.” About five years ago, the farm chose to install observation systems on their grain carts. Wes had his new 1282 outfitted at the start. “I got my last grain cart in mid-season, and I told Jeremy, [Oakland’s Precision Farming Specialist], to hook the camera up. He’s really good with that kind of stuff. And the shop made a mount for the camera in back.”

The camera in the back provides extra safety. “When you’re going down the highway, you can’t see behind you. The cart is so wide. To me, you almost have to have a camera for safety.”

Adapting to the new system has been simple for Wes. “It’s really easy to use. We put it right into our Pro 700. For each different camera, I just move to a different run screen. It’s pretty neat.”

Currently, Wes’ wife runs the grain cart, and the observation system is a big help. Wes explains, “She didn’t drive a grain cart until a couple years ago, when I was desperate for help. She grew up on a farm but never operated equipment. She has latched on to the new Brent cart and really likes it.”

“It’s really easy to use. We put it right into our Pro 700. For each different camera, I just move to a different run screen. It’s pretty neat.”

The observation system gives grain cart drivers confidence to know when a load is ready. Wes jokes, “This past harvest season, I was in the combine and my wife was loading a wagon. I was high enough to see that it was getting full so I came on the radio to warn her. Before I had a sentence out, she replied, ‘I got it! I got it!’”

At the end of the day, what matters most is a smooth harvest. Wes notes, “It takes time to clean up spilled corn. No spills means one less thing to do—it keeps you going.”

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How the Case IH Early Riser Is Unique

Case IH Early Riser Planter Demonstration

Watch a short overview of the features of the Case IH Early Riser planter (and see how it lives up to its name) from Josh Oaks, Birkey’s sales rep in Galesburg.

In this 2-minute video, learn how pulling a wheel barrel can illustrate one of the planter’s advantages. Josh also highlights the differences in the row unit, especially the leading disc edge and trailing gauge wheel. (more…)

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Birkey’s Acquires Dillsburg Ag Service


Acquisition Strengthens Service Department in Urbana

Dillsburg Ag Service Inc. of Rantoul, IL, co-owned by Tony Cler and Stacy Severins, will be joining Birkey’s Farm Store, Inc. Cler will assume the role of service manager at the Urbana Birkey’s location while Severins will become a road service technician, also at Urbana. The acquisition is expected to close by the end of February. (more…)

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Why We Choose Case IH

For most people, Birkey’s is closely associated with one manufacturer—Case IH. Birkey’s has carried the brand since it was introduced back in the 1980s and was a strong International Harvester dealer before Case and IH joined forces. So, for all intents and purposes, the dealership has carried the same brand since its founding 60 years ago.

But two questions are worth asking:

Why did we choose Case IH? And why should our customers choose us to be their Case IH dealer?

A Case IH rep talks with Birkey's customers during Field Days in 2012

A Case IH rep talks with Birkey’s customers

1. Long Relationships Develop Rapport

Birkey’s long history has led to an excellent relationship with Case IH. Mike Carley, a Birkey’s owner and regional manager for agricultural products, explains:

We are one of their largest dealerships, and they take us very seriously. We have great respect for each other.

This means customers of Birkey’s are on the front end of Case IH innovations and promotions. If it’s new at Case IH, you’ll find it here first. (more…)

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It Began with 4 Small Town Boys

60 Years as Your Dealership: The History of Birkey’s Farm Store


Sixty years ago, Birkey’s Farm Store began with a very simple seed—the mechanical ability of a couple of farm boys, and their desire to fix things. This is the humble beginning that set Birkey’s on its course, growing from one small shop in Fisher to 16 stores and more than 400 employees throughout Central Illinois and Indiana.

Ellis “Turk” Birkey was a mechanical genius who created a variety of mechanical and electric contraptions while still a youngster on the family farm. He aspired to be a service technician, and, following his example, three of his younger brothers aspired to be mechanics, too.


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Birkey’s PB & J Drive


Two classic sandwich fillers provided kids with more than a snack—it gave them the chance to be good neighbors. From February 3 to April 4, Birkey’s Farm Store sponsored a Peanut Butter and Jelly Drive to support 7 local food banks.

Overall, the drive raised more than 1,000 jars of peanut butter and jelly. Here are some quick stats from a few local Birkey’s stores:

  • At Bloomington Birkey’s, kids collected more than 90 pounds of PB&J for the Peoria Area Food Bank
  • At Galesburg Birkey’s, more than 350 jars were collected for the Helping Hearts, Helping Hands Food Pantry in Fairview and the FISH Food Pantry in Galesburg
  • At Oakland Birkey’s, the local FFA partnered with Birkey’s to raised 112 1/2 pounds of peanut butter & 114 pounds of jelly for the Oakland Food Pantry.
  • At Urbana Birkey’s, more than 150 jars were donated to the Eastern Illinois Foodbank.


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AFS Tech Tip: Setting A/B Lines (Swaths) on a Pro 700 monitor


New to Precision Farming? Start with the basics.

Pick a topic you’re interested in and watch a 3-minute in-cab tutorial of the Pro 700 display monitor, with Case IH AFS AccuGuide steering system.

This week, Darin Kennelly, a Birkey’s Precision Farming Specialist, demonstrates three topics:

  1. Creating straight A/B lines (swaths)
  2. Setting up a heading line
  3. Selecting previously-created A/B lines (swaths)


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What would you do if you won a Farmall Super MTA?


What would you do if you won a restored 1954 Farmall Super MTA?

Ross Cluver called his father.

“I sat and thought about it a little and then called dad. First I said, ‘We got to make room for another tractor in the shed.’ He didn’t catch on so I told him I won the tractor. I think he was just as shocked as I was.” (more…)

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