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Birkey’s Celebrates 20 Years on the Web

Twenty years ago, Birkey’s launched the first iteration of As the brand and equipment have grown, so has Take a look at these screenshots through the years to see the transformation of our website.

Over time as the business has grown, the need for an online presence in the used equipment market has become very evident. Our team here at Birkey’s has always worked hard to stay one step ahead of the curve by keeping our eyes and ears open. We hear great feedback from our stores on features they’d like to see to help you know what they offer, but also from customers over the years.

Today, accounts for a significant percentage of our used equipment sales and we are constantly striving to make it your one-stop shop for browsing and viewing our vast inventory. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as our next rendition of the website will be launched soon.

Fun facts about our website:

  • Birkey’s had 8 locations when we launched the website.
  • 8 million individual page views since we started tracking in late 2009.
  • Our most popular single page:
  • Tuesday, September 9, 2014, is the single most visited day with almost 3,000 visits.
  • Birkey’s email newsletter accounts for 21% of all traffic on the website. Sign up today!
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What Is a Customized Maintenance Inspection, or CMI?

Birkey’s developed the Customized Maintenance Inspection, or CMI, more than 20 years ago to help customers extend their equipment’s life and value. During an inspection, our service techs have two priorities:

  1. Performing recommended maintenance (changing oils and filters)
  2. Inspecting wear parts that are under stress in your rugged work environment (more…)
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Birkey’s After-Season Combine Maintenance Checklist

Who keeps your equipment running?

Every operation is different. Some growers have skilled in-house service departments to keep their equipment in good condition. Others look to their dealer for advice, but perform some of the maintenance themselves. Still others rely on a local dealership to provide all recommended service.

Whatever operation describes you, this video can help. In it, we explain what’s on the checklist during an after-season Combine Maintenance Inspection. Use it to inform your own maintenance, or bring your combine in to receive an inspection.


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Precision Farming Options for Anhydrous Application


It’s fall anhydrous season. We interviewed Todd Weitekamp, one of Birkey’s Precision Farming Specialists, about anhydrous solutions. Click the button on the left to listen to Todd’s recommendations:


Read the interview:

Are growers interested in precision farming options for anhydrous application?

Todd: Yes. Harvest is coming to an end and a new anhydrous season is right around the corner. When it comes to anhydrous application, we get many phone calls from customers this time of year asking what they can add to their displays to make them more useful for accurate fertilizer application. (more…)

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Worth the Trip: Why CMIs Work for One Illinois Farm


Harold Miller and Sons

Smithfield, IL

“There’s no quick way to get to these 160 acres,” said Harold Miller, gazing down the gravel road.

Harold farms with his sons, Rod and Mark, and his grandson, Tyler, near Smithfield, IL. The Harold Miller and Sons main farm is a straight shot east from the Birkey’s store in Macomb, but the Spoon River winds around their land, forcing bridges and turns in the roads that connect to it.

Despite the trek, the farm has sent their 7120 combine to Macomb for a Customized Maintenance Inspection, or CMI, from Birkey’s every other year for the past six years. (more…)

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Customer Feature: MBI Construction

MBI Construction

Delivering on Schedule…All Day, All Season

Gary Bartels, owner of Effingham-based MBI Construction, stays ahead of the competition by offering customers something many other site-prep contractors can’t provide—the ability to do large, time-sensitive projects quickly and efficiently. “We have the people and the equipment to get a project done fast,” Bartels noted.

The company specializes in “green field” projects, where it goes into an empty field and “by the time we leave there’s a new grain elevator, grain bins, or a 100-car train loop and dump pits.” (more…)

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CE Tech Tip: Hydraulic Systems


Prevention Beats Cure…Every Time

Inadequate maintenance and operations practices cause 90 percent of hydraulic breakdowns, costing equipment owners millions of dollars in replacement parts and service work annually. With proper care, you can extend the life of the hydraulic system and save money, said Dennis Budde, service tech at Birkey’s Urbana location. Budde offers these tips: (more…)

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6 Birkey’s Service Techs Share Farm Safety Tips

Farm safety is a critical topic.


It’s an unfortunate truth: if you’re reading this, chances are you know a family that has been affected by a farm-related accident. The good news is, many steps have been taken to make the industry safer, including the creation of National Farm Safety Week. This year, the week of September 21-27 gives the ag community the chance to focus on safety.

Safety is high priority at Birkey’s–it has to be. The majority of farm accidents involve the use of machinery, and 90% of our employees work on or around machinery every day.

When asked about farm safety, many Birkey’s employees had stories to tell or reminders to offer to customers and friends. Here are tips from six service techs: (more…)

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