Maxxi-Point Sweeps Versus The Competition

See how the Maxxi-Point held up against the competition

Recently we had a customer run a side-by-side comparison of the 7” Case IH Maxxi-Point sweep versus the competitions 7” sweep. Both of these sweeps were run for 800 acres in the customer’s field.


Pictured side-by-side are the competition’s sweep (right) with the Case IH Maxxi-Point sweep

As we look closer at this sweep we can see that the point/tip has completely worn off while our sweep has its point still intact. This is because the Maxxi-Point sweep has an extended nose and half inch wear point.

The next important thing we can see is the thickness of each sweep. The competitor’s sweep has started to thin out and most likely will need to be replaced sooner than the Maxxi-Point, which has maintained it’s thickness. This is because the Maxxi-Point sweeps are manufactured with Earth Metal, which gives them a longer lifespan.

The Case IH Maxxi-Point sweeps come in a 7”, 9” & 10” option and are designed to several brands of field cultivators. Contact your local Birkey’s parts department to see if they will fit yours.


By : Phil Stewart /March 16, 2017 /Agriculture, Case IH, Tech Tip /0 Comment

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