Review: InCommand 1200 Monitor

Ag Leader’s InCommand 1200

Introduced in late 2015 the InCommand 1200 is Ag Leader’s current flagship display, replacing the Integra. The InCommand 1200 continues the Integra’s legacies of advanced planter control, high-accuracy yield monitoring, precise application control, best-in-class guidance and steering, simple and accurate tile plow operation, and effective data management while adding new capabilities and features. Designed to maximize information availability and decision making the InCommand 1200 features a two-window split screen. Implement information, Universal Terminal ISO screens, and as-applied maps can be viewed and compared side-by-side immediately, on-the-go, in the cab. Continuing the emphasis on data and decision making, the InCommand 1200 has built-in wifi for use with Ag Leader’s AgFiniti Mobile iPad app meaning maps can quickly be taken with you from the field and viewed anywhere at any time. The InCommand 1200 is also designed to provide maximum benefits from Ag Leader’s next generation products including:
InCommand 1200

  • Advanced Seed Monitoring
  • SureDrive Electric Planter Drives
  • Row-by-Row Hydraulic Downforce
  • SteerCommand Automated Steering
  • OnTrac 3 Assisted Steering
  • ISOBUS Liquid Product Control
  • Intellislope Tile Plow Control

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To learn more about how the InCommand 1200 can put you In Command of your operation or to learn about options call your local Birkey’s Precision Farming Specialist.

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