Set Remote Valves & Timers for Planting

Tech Tip: Optimizing Remotes and Timers

Setting Remote Valves and Timers for Planting

Setting Remote Valves and Timers for Planting

Optimizing flow to your remote valves is an important pre-season task. If hydraulic flow is set too high, operators risk robbing flow from other components of the planter, such as fans, vacuums, or bulk fill speed. Higher flow rates also put more pressure on the system and can increase wear and tear.

Different planters require different setups. In the videos below, Case IH Product Specialist Nathan Wilhelm demonstrates how to program your tractor’s timers and remotes to help optimize the performance of the hydraulics when running a planter.

Video 1: Programming Remote Valves for Planting

In this video, you’ll learn to:

  • Navigate to the remotes, timers, and locks screen on a Pro 700
  • Find the fold, unfold, and plant operations on a Pro 700
  • Determine the best remote flow for each remote, and set the remotes accordingly


Video 2: Programming Timers for Planting

In this video, you’ll learn to:

  •  Adjust timers to reduce load on the hydraulics
  • Use the Multi-Function handle to raise and lower the implement



For more information about setting remotes and timers, contact the Precision Farming Specialist at any of Birkey’s 12 ag locations.

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