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After Season Planter CMI

Customized Maintenance Inspections


CMI benefits are good for ONE FULL YEAR

  • 10% Labor Discount on all repairs
  • Parts Warranty on all CNH Parts installed by Birkey's
  • No Service Call Fees
  • Reduce downtime by identifying components that may fail
  • Job Priority in Season
  • Replacement of most fluids and filters
  • Safe disposal of oil, filters, and coolant
  • Peace of mind


All-Makes Meter Testing

Earn A FREE Planter CMI

Meter Testing - $19.99/Row

Be ready this planting season with meter testing from Birkey's.

  • We can test all makes of meters including Case IH, John Deere, Kinze & Precision Planting meters
  • Birkey's will advise you on the results
  • You will authorize any repairs
  • Birkey's will send you final meter results with updated meters

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What is a CMI?

Customized Maintenance Inspections (CMI) extend equipment life and value by identifying parts and components that are candidates for pre-mature failure. The dual focus of the CMI is performing recommended maintenance (changing all oils and filters) and inspecting wear parts that are under stress in your rugged work environment.

We understand how important it is to keep your machine up and running, so our CMI checklist clearly informs you about what is working, what needs watching, and what needs to be fixed. It's our way of ensuring that you make informed repair decisions. When you purchase a CMI from Birkey's and perform the suggested repairs that we identify, there are several benefits that are included for the next year.

Customer Testimonials

  • The value in the CMI program is the fact that the problems are identified before they become a major breakdown.
    Dennis Hogue Dennis Hogue
    Ambia, IN
  • The 1,000 hour services make sense and saves us money. Birkey's has our back.
    Todd Gardner Todd Gardner
    Owner of Gardner Excavating, LLC
  • The Birkey's CMI program allows for a thorough examination of my equipment, which saves me much-needed time.
    Norlyn McCormick Norlyn McCormick
    Yates City, IL
  • The Birkey's service techs are great to work with. They are second to none as far as knowledge of the equipment.
    Bill Dean Bill Dean

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