How & Why Growers Aim for Precision

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Invested in Soil

Each spring, the rich, black soil of the Midwest presents a new opportunity. Kids scoop it into Styrofoam cups, plant seeds, and wait for magic to happen on sunny window ledges. Home gardeners till it into furrows and anticipate fresh herbs and vegetables. Landscapers use it to create artistic designs.

While everyone reaps the benefits of fertile soil, no one is more invested in its potential than the men and women who rely on it for their livelihood. Since the 1970s, farmers have more than doubled their feed crop yields. Improved planting equipment is one big reason for this change.  (more…)

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The Precision Planting Season: Planting

May 7, 2015


Follow our blog to watch our Precision Planting test plot grow. There’s nothing more important than the planting itself; watch it happen in this video.


For info about new, Precision Planting-equipped Early Riser planters, click here.

For info about updating current planters with Precision Planter products, click here.

Watch for more videos in this series.

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Building a Precision Planting Early Riser


Precision Planting-Ready Case IH Early Risers

Producers considering a Case IH Early Riser® this year have a new option to transform their proven planter into 12, 16 or 24 individual planters – all on the same toolbar, but each equipped to adjust individually to field conditions and predefined prescriptions. 

In this video, Ed Leman, sales representative in Henry, shares about a new partnership that allows customers of Birkey’s to specially equip their Case IH planters with select Precision Planting components.​ (more…)

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Updating Your Current Planter with Precision Planting


Adding Precision Planting to Your Case IH Planter

Are you the owner of a Case IH 1200 planter and interested in the advantages that Precision Planting has to offer? In this video, Birkey’s sales representative, Ed Leman, shares about how and why a customer might choose to retrofit their planter with Precision Planting components.


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All 12 Birkey’s Locations Now Case IH Precision Planting Dealers

Birkey’s Farm Store, Inc. announced this week that all 12 of its agriculture locations have been certified as Case IH Premier Precision Planting dealers.

With this partnership, customers can access the latest planting technology and best row unit through their local dealership. Growers also have the option of selecting any or all Precision Planting components, depending on what they feel will deliver the greatest value to their operation. (more…)

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Planting Season Reminders from our Precision Farming Team


Keep these important precision farming tasks in mind before and after the planting season.

Reminder #1

Make sure your GPS is working.

Pull your tractor outside early to make sure you can receive a GPS signal.  If locking on to a correction source is a problem, then check the integrity of the wires running to the GPS antenna or receiver.  If you are using a 252, 262 or 372 receiver make sure the power light is lit on the back of the unit.  Condensation inside the antenna or receiver will also hinder GPS performance.  Remove the unit, and tilt it from side to side to test for water damage.  Please call your local PF specialist if you need assistance starting your GPS system up for the first time. (more…)

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Set Remote Valves & Timers for Planting

Tech Tip: Optimizing Remotes and Timers

Setting Remote Valves and Timers for Planting

Setting Remote Valves and Timers for Planting

Optimizing flow to your remote valves is an important pre-season task. If hydraulic flow is set too high, operators risk robbing flow from other components of the planter, such as fans, vacuums, or bulk fill speed. Higher flow rates also put more pressure on the system and can increase wear and tear.

Different planters require different setups. In the videos below, Case IH Product Specialist Nathan Wilhelm demonstrates how to program your tractor’s timers and remotes to help optimize the performance of the hydraulics when running a planter. (more…)

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Tech Tip: Graphite and Talc

graphite and talc

Graphite and Talc are often considered to be interchangeable, but they have very different purposes.

Graphite acts as a lubricant for finger style or vacuum meters. As a lubricant, it will reduce wear on meter components and also will allow the meter to turn smoothly. This results in a more uniform seed drop. Graphite will also help with seed flow in bulk fill applications. (more…)

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